“A paranormal adventure packed with occultism, genealogy, past life regressions, and early American history.

Weinberg demonstrates an extraordinary attention to detail throughout True Religion, most effectively when his witches participate in sacred rituals or cast spells. His vivid depiction of Hope Springs is also chock-full of lush details, bringing the haunted tourist town to spooky life.

True Religion is an engaging work of speculative fiction. Part thriller, part contemporary fantasy, Weinberg’s charming debut hits all the right marks.”

—Lambda Literary
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“The book itself is a well-cast spell, an act of imagination rooted in history and a very real place…Weinberg thoughtfully stitches together several different traditions—Christian, Celtic, Egyptian, and Native American in particular—into a synthesis that delves deeply into the profound without becoming too New-Agey.”

—Out in Jersey and The Tangent Group
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“Weinberg has written a fascinating novel of horror, redemption, spirituality, history and New Age thinking. You will probably be as surprised as I was to learn that this is a first novel. Everything comes together so well and the characters (who are flawed) are so well drawn that it is hard to think that this Weinberg’s first outing into fiction. If you miss this read, you will miss a helluva good time. It is such a good read.”

—Amos Lassen Review
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